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Official releases from the team to summarize the events occuring at Hampshire College. 

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February 15th teach-in (slides and video)

Community Briefing

Fact-Checking the President’s Board Briefing Packet

February 15th teach-in:

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Community Briefing 

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Hampshire College was not in a crisis when its leadership made crucial decisions changing the course of Hampshire’s future. We are not at risk of losing accreditation, and there are no state laws or regulations that threaten Hampshire’s status. Hampshire College does face serious financial challenges, but they are not at all of an order that requires the extraordinary measures of massive layoffs of staff and faculty and the decision to not admit a full F19 class. The crisis that is currently brewing is a manufactured one. The community briefing offered here is intended as a corrective to the misleading information presented in the president’s briefing packet to the board. We believe Hampshire College has the capacity to have a slower, truly democratic and transparent process of determining its future.

Fact-Checking the President’s Board Briefing Packet

A summary report of research by Suzanne Perkins and Save Hampshire, presented at Hampshire College, 2/15/19

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