Our mission…

…is to #SaveHampshire and the unique place it occupies as a wellspring of creative & divergent thinkers, entrepreneurs, change agents, and dreamers of the world.

This includes saving the diversity, the radicalness, the independence, the educational systems, and the faculty and staff that make Hampshire extraordinary.

We will do this by demanding full transparency from the administration regarding Hampshire’s finances, and creating a system of self-governance where students, faculty, and staff join our board of trustees to have an equal seat at the table.

We endorse the faculty plan, Re-Envisioning Hampshire College for the 21st Century, which calls for a “Council that will initiate the work of imagining the College’s future. The Council will consist of faculty, staff, students, alums, Five College colleagues, and other stakeholders from the Hampshire community.”

We stand with Hampshire College Rise Up students in their demands for transparency, fully inclusive college self-governance, and overall equity, including the continued operation of “affinity services and spaces, like the Cultural Center and the James Baldwin Scholars program . . . under the direction of the students they serve,” as well as the preservation of staff who support students with disabilities and/or with neurodivergence; Students of Underrepresented Races, Cultures, and Ethnicities (SOURCE); and First Generation students.

We support creative outreach and funding efforts to allow the admission of a sizeable F19 class, including transfer and non-traditional students, as proposed in the Hampshire College faculty re-envisioning plan. #SaveHampshire opposes the recent administration pronouncement informing all students they must graduate by May 2022.

We oppose faculty and staff layoffs and endorse the faculty re-envisioning proposal to save jobs by “work[ing] with faculty and staff to determine ways to use leaves of absence, short-term reductions to full-time status, and other reasonable incentives.”

We will continue to direct donors to pledge or donate to fundraising campaigns aligned with #SaveHampshire’s mission. We support efforts to develop a viable financial model to sustain Hampshire into the future.

#SaveHampshire is inspired by the faculty’s commitment to generate “new faculty collaborations across the curriculum” and is heartened to know recent events have fueled the faculty’s “appetite for re-embracing experimentalism and for re-envisioning Hampshire and what it can contribute to the world” (Re-Envisioning Hampshire College for the 21st Century).

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